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Brazenly bespoke. We’ll show you some skin.

Classic Photo Booths

Slip inside a classic photo booth.

Grab your friends. Get in. Draw the curtain. Blue Steel’s classic photo booths.

Make space to squeeze a classic photo booth onto your guest list. You won’t regret it. They’re a must-do for guests, right up there with hitting the bar and hitting the dance floor as soon as Crazy In Love comes on. Officially, they sit up to three people – but we know for a fact you can squeeze in up to six. So long as you don’t mind getting cosy. Dimensions: 2.23m (w) 2m (h) 1.26m (d). Minimum operating space requirement: 9-ft (w) x 6ft (d) by 7ft (h).

Booth Features

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    Video Booth Hire

    Let the good times roll with our HD video-ready booths and get all the personal messages, LOLs, shot-fuelled sing-alongs and more from your night, immortalised on film. Pre-set the recording time (we recommend 30 seconds), take your place in front of the camera and get your move on.

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    Custom prints

    Choose exactly how you want your photos to look, from the number of images on the print, to the layout and curtain background – and enhance with a custom overlay, too, if you fancy it. Get yourself noticed, why don’t you?

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    Social Media

    Time to share the love and spread the word. Opt for a social-media ready booth, kitted out with iPads and 32-inch touch screen tech, and guests will be able to post images from your bash straight to Facebook, Twitter and email. As soon as they’ve relaxed their best duck face, basically. So, get ready for your event to go viral. Coming soon: bespoke filters. #SelfietasticTimes

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    Custom Exteriors

    Hot on the inside. Hot on the outside. Our classic booths can be wrapped in any image that floats your boat – from company colours and event logos to pictures of you and your betrothed especially for your your Big Day.

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    It’s curtains for lame drapes. As standard, we offer you the chance to rustle up your best pose against a red, white or black curtained backdrop. But you can opt for a patchwork, polka dot, vintage floral, you name it… design instead. And if we don’t have that ‘90s Dungeons and Dragons print you saw in your dream last night, we’ll do everything we can to source it.

  • What’s Included

    Get a Classic Blue Steel Booth at your bash. Click below to find out more information on what’s included.

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