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Photo Booth Franchise

Start Earning With Your Very Own Blue Steel Photo Booth Franchise

Smile, you might be about to start your own small business. We offer photo booth franchise opportunities in the UK and internationally – with all the good stuff that comes with it: the chance to run your own show while reaping the benefits of hooking up with an established brand.

As part of the deal, you get full use of our website, receive all your branding and marketing materials, and benefit from dedicated marketing and development support tailored to your own small corner of the world. But that’s just the half of it, really. This could be so much more.  Get in touch and let’s talk.

  • Photo booth franchise

    You’re thinking of starting your own photo booth company. You don’t know the market, the complications, you’re not sure on a name, the branding, website. How do you market? How much do you charge? What do you include? There are millions more questions to ask when considering going it alone. Ever thought of franchising a photo booth? Blue Steel offer a unique and attractive photo booth franchise package to potential partners. In exchange for a small franchise fee, you will receive all the benefits of an established, recognized, and trusted brand. From business cards to custom designed booths. Marketing assistance to CRM management. Franchise a photo booth today. Enquire now to discuss how a franchise partnership could be suitable for you.